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We are nearing the end of the year and lately I have been looking back at the headlines of speaker over the past year. What an eventful year!

On the international front we had natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes and erupting volcanoes. And whilst these can be seen as acts of God, the man made disasters, which we as humans can control, are just as threatening.

We have ongoing wars in the Middle East and odten read of so called (justified!) casualties of was and callateral damage. And closer to home famine and the aids threat are still not under control.

On the local front worries of politicians polarizing our fragile society is growing. No wonder so many South Africans are hiding behind “social bars”.

And then I realized, last year was the same, and so the year before it. Let’s change it next year!



Tsunami far away disaster

a friend of a friend was there

they left the morning after

a sight they could no longer bare.

The water rise in New Orleans

something must give way

hurricanes are acts of God

and to that same God we pray.

Chorus 1

I’ve never suffered before

no reason for me to cry

I just ask if I want more

the well is never dry.

They call it casualties of war

collateral damage is OK

young men dying .. what for?

they fought to fight another day.

All along Africa’s truck route

aids is a growing disease

that same road leads to my home

no wonder I am ill at ease.

Chorus 2

Although I’ve never suffered before

no reason for me to fear

and I just ask if I want more

it’s getting pretty near

At the gate the black dog growls

no fences round a weary mind

if not behind social bars

where can protection be found.

Chorus 3

Although I’ve never suffered before

I now attend regular sessions

try to worry no more

try to fight global depression

but still . . .

it’s getting closer to home …

it’s getting closer to home …