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In the movie, Wall Street (the Stock Exchange of the USA ), the main character Gordon Gekko, advocated that “greed is goo d” and that it is the core of capitalism.

In 2011 a movement called “Occupy Wall Street” was founded and they literally occupied the park next to the Wall Street Stock Exchange to demonstrate resistance against extreme capitalism. Their slogan was “till the dancer tames the bull” and they quickly spread across the globe. This song is about these two views on capitalism.”



I’m at the bottom of the pyramid,

my boss is at the top.

I get a salary and overtime,

no bonus for my job.

And all we can do

is to occupy the park,

let Wall Street know

we’re emerging from the dark.


But nothing is better

than greed says Gekko,

there is no such thing

as enough.

Stop complaining

if your slice is too thin,

eat cake,

if bread is too tough.


Till the dancer tames the bull

we are here to stay.

The high and mighty statues

all have feet of clay.

And remember, my friend

the Bastille did also fall

just another barricade

and just another wall.

Chorus 2

But Humpty Dumpty

also occupied the wall

and we all remember

his fall.

And all the King’s horses

and all the King’s men

could not put him

together again.

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

Who knows best?  x3

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