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On the other hand, the popularity of the song “take it slow”, which rocketed up the charts, gives the conservatives Hope.

Here, they it is an outcry for the real relationships built on true values. Speaker will watch this space!


I want to take it slow

I want to cruise in the slow lane

with you sitting next to me

open road, passing scenery

I want to take it slow.

Along the road

there are warning signs:

“don’t fool yourself, speed kills”

At the crossroad is a flashing light:

“dangerous curves ahead!”


Times may come

          when we don’t know what to do

when ahead in the road

there is a fork or two

the turn to be made

will be up to me and you

but I will only drive on . . .

after talking . . . to you.

Do you also want to take it slow

open windows and the wind in our hair . . .

singing songs in harmony

home is where we want to go

where the table is laid

and our plans are made.

I really like you girl

and I don’t want to mess it up

By going the wrong way